This week, Annette continues her conversation with Eric Endlich of Top College Consultants. Dr. Endlich helps many students across the country navigate the college admission system, including those on the autism spectrum and those that have ADHD.

Dr. Endlich and Annette are discussing college transition programs this week and whether a student is college ready or college capable. A student needs to ask themselves if they are in fact ready to attend college as well as living independently and seeking help when needed.

Dr. Endlich discusses the benefits of taking a gap year after high school including getting more experience in the working world, gaining a little more maturity and honing in on executive functioning skills as well as other valuable life experience that could help in college. He even talks about how some institution pay certain students to take a gap year!

They talk about how to design a gap year and how to work with an educational consultant to do so. And they chat about the many types of transition fairs and events out there for students and parents to attend. Annette brings up the topic on many parents minds – are they ready for the transition too?!How can parents  give their student the independence as well as the tools they might need To thrive in a post high school environment.

Last, they discuss what accommodations you can ask for in school including counseling as well as residential support and coaching.

Find out more about Eric and Top College Consultants on his website which include an extensive list of colleges that have programs for individuals on the autism spectrum.