Annette takes time out for a short podcast to chat about something very personal to her: her daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth passed away at the age of 17 in November 2013. Elizabeth had profound disabilities due to having mitochondrial disease.

As the holidays approach, Annette takes time to share her experiences as a special needs mother and what the holidays can bring as the result of losing a loved one that you cared for so deeply.

As Annette explains, Elizabeth had a love for life and made the most of every day she had here with her family and friends. She loved school and always loved a good joke.

Annette talks about how the holidays can be a difficult time when you have lost a loved one with special needs. As you might imagine, there are so many memories and so many events that trigger those memories and they seem to all come out during the holiday season.

Annette talks about what has helped her during the holidays. She talks about dealing with the grief and what helps her remember Elizabeth as well as honor her memory. First thing Annette suggests is to tell great stories about that person. It helps you remember that person but also can give you a good laugh.

Annette also suggests creating a celebration meal that includes your child’s favorite food items. This could be any time of the year and include many holidays.

Annette has many more tips from her experience she shares on this podcast about how to remember a loved one with special needs. Please take time to listen and share. And if you have lost a loved one with special needs, please reach out to Annette and share your story with her.

Find Annette’s bestselling  book, Butterflies and Second Chances about her life experience raising a daughter with special needs here: