Annette welcomes back Mark Worthington from Special Needs Law Group to discuss the sometimes confusing topic of social security for people with disabilities. There are so many rules and other facts about social security that you need to know about and in particular, those with special needs. Mark and Annette use their years of expertise in the area to clarify some of the mysteries.

Annette begins by giving an overview of social security which is meant to help support those who are retired or individuals with disabilities. Annette points out that there are several programs under the category of social security that work to support those with disabilities.

Mark discusses the difference between SSI and SSDI. There are many forms as Mark explains that take into account a work history of the individual or in some cases, even the work history of the individual’s parents if they have a disability. Mark and Annette discuss how various forms of income and assets could determine what an individual qualifies for.

Mark and Annette talk about what the federal government lays out as a qualifying disability including a physical or mental disability as well as the life expectancy of someone with a severe disability. All of these factors need to dictate a person’s ability to work unless it is a person under the age of 18.

Annette points out that there are various diagnoses that allow a person better or quicker access to the system but points out that in most cases, it can still be a lengthy process.

Annette describes what deeming is when an applicant may be under the age of 18 and the income and assets of parents and guardians is deemed accessible to support that individual. And Mark and Annette talk about the asset rules when it comes to social security.

Annette and Mark also discuss the ways in which a person can qualify for Medicaid and talk about the states that have such programs.

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