Mini-podcast episode.

Annette takes a few minutes to talk about the recent developments in Massachusetts with Nicky’s Law. Nicky’s Law passed the Massachusetts House of Representatives in January 2020 and paves the ways for an abuse registry for those who mistreat individuals with disabilities. The governor of Massachusetts is expected to sign the bill which will make this important effort law in Massachusetts.

Annette sat down with Cheryl Ryan Chan on Episode two of parenting Impossible and the two talked about the critical need for such a registry. Nicky’s Law is named after Cheryl’s son who suffered abuse at the hands of a caretaker. You can listen to that episode here:

Annette also talks about the efforts of Blaine Brockman who she interviewed in Episode 18. Blaine has dedicated his life to creating safe communities for those with disabilities. You can revisit that episode here.

Annette talks about the need for more states to have this type of protection and encourages all to check to see if there is a comparable law in their states. If not, it’s time to start advocating for our loved ones and get active.