Annette goes “live” in this special podcast episode. She takes the microphone and heads out to the Federation For Children With Special Needs Conference in Massachusetts to talk with folks about a number of topics important to the special needs community.

Annette speaks about the topic of transition planning which she has covered before on the podcast with various trusted experts. Part of being a special needs parent is understanding and going through the transition process as your loved one approaches the age of 22.

What are the most challenging parts of the transition process as well as what are people’s thoughts on larger communities for those with special needs as well as group homes? And why hurry up and wait is part of the process. Other families discuss their challenges and concerns about the transition process.

Annette talks about trusting and relying on our school systems to educate and advocate for our special needs loved ones properly. What happens when the relationship between parents and schools gets comprised and what can we do about it?

Annette also has a discussion about person-centered planning and how important that is to the overall plan for your special needs loved one.

And she speaks with siblings and their experiences in helping out the family from finding a job, job training and more. She also speaks about helping that family member that may not speak English as a first language and how to attain special needs services.

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