Annette takes this podcast episode to answer some questions from listeners about special needs planning. Many questions come in from her dedicated podcast fans about all types of topics related to special needs planning, law and other important topics.

Annette first takes a minute to recognize that many in the special needs community are concerned about the Coronavirus as some may be more vulnerable than others. Annette and her team at Special Needs Law Group are doing everything they can to provide comfort as well as any type of guidance they can as we all acquire more information.

The first question Annette covers is how to name individuals in various documents such as trustees, guardian, power of attorney, or heath care proxy. These people can be for yourself or for a family member such as a special needs child. She talks about the importance of these roles in special needs planning and how to have this conversation with these people.

A question related to her first question that also came in was, what happens when I ask someone to serve a role and they say no? Annette indicates that a person is not required to serve in any role in a special needs plan. It is an individual choice. A person nominated for a role still needs to agree to that role. Annette answers the question about what happens when a person that has been nominated, is no longer fit to serve that role.

Annette talks about letters of intent where a person needs to notify that person that they have been nominated to be a trustee or guardian. How should you go about doing that and what you need to think of. Letters of intent also inform people about your wishes for your loved one. Some of these wishes are simple and some more complex.

Annette also answers the question the difference between an ABLE account and a special needs trust. She points out and explains the two are very different.

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