This week, Annette chats with Cathy Boyle of Autism Housing Pathways based in Massachusetts. The organization was created in 2010 as a way to assist families that needed help navigating the complex world of housing for their special needs family member.

Cathy is an incredible resource when it comes to special needs housing and has enough information to fill many podcasts on the subject. Her and Annette covered many of the more important and confusing topics when it comes to housing.

Cathy talks about her Turning 18 Checklist that the organization has put together as well as the other resources available including special needs housing workshops put on by the organization. She talks about other housing clinics as well and how for many, the wait for housing can take 6-15 years.

Annette and Cathy also discuss the importance of learning life skills for someone with special needs entering a new housing situation and why this is critical for success.

Cathy brings up other topics in the special needs housing world such as using housemates for care, legal requirements for special needs housing and what factors determine housing eligibility.

Join Cathy and Annette as the navigate the complex world of housing for those with special needs.

Learn more about Autism Housing Pathways and get the Turning 18 Checklist here:  http://autismhousingpathways.org/