The third in a series featuring unique and innovative solutions for the disability community, this episode features the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Sponsors of the Future (SoF), Suzy Im.  The goals of SoF are to design easier ways for parents and caregivers to access information and advocate for their loved ones, as well as connect neurodivergent kids with global organizations to empower them and ensure that we consider a person’s whole being. Host Annette Hines notes that SoF’s concept of connectivity, an ecosystem that supports the neurodivergent community through education, advocacy, and inclusion, is like grassroots organizing by networking and navigating complexities together. They also discussed finding hidden gems of local support and necessary corporate responsibility of organizations in industries like healthcare and pharmaceuticals to create solutions in partnership with the people they serve.

Through navigating personal experiences with her daughter who has learning and medical challenges, Suzy realized how difficult it was to find care options and solutions for her daughter to reach her full potential. These experiences motivated her to co-found SoF that seeks to bridge the gap between stakeholders that are meant to work together to fulfill communities’ unmet needs by creating connections between business and the parents and caregivers in communities they serve. A non-profit organization in Rhode Island, SoF creates programming to empower neurodivergent children and teens to live independent lives. SoF encourages corporate responsibility through the connections they create by networking and helping parents and caregivers of children and teens with disabilities navigate and find complex resources and solutions together.

Developing solutions in partnership WITH rather than FOR the people businesses and organizations serve ensures that we empower people to be independent, acknowledge their voice, honor their wishes, and consider the person’s whole being. Hines’ mantra, Voice and Choice emphasizes these powerful concepts that we advocate for and include the opinions of those with disabilities in our society.

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You can learn more about or donate to SoF’s mission on their website: as well as in Emerson College’s Emerson Today article on Suzy’s vision.

About Suzy Im: Suzy has spent much of her industry experience honing her ability to pinpoint market gaps in which companies can find their niche. Fueled by her experience as a prominent member of the local Boston and global healthcare system, Suzy has taken it upon herself to address a key gap that current healthcare systems fail to address. In co-founding SoF, Suzy’s vision is to create an ecosystem that families can rely on to help neurodivergent children accomplish what others say is impossible.

Suzy is a five-time award winner, including Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 (biotechnology) for her ability to turn COVID-related client challenges into new opportunities for market expansion.  A recognized name in many global and local media publications, Suzy has written two books in leadership communications and has delivered numerous keynote addresses and seminars at international events.

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