Welcome to Parenting Impossible, The Special Needs Survival Podcast. In this first episode, you’ll be introduced to your host, Annette Hines, a special needs mom and an attorney specializing in special needs law. While she’ll be your host on all the episodes, Attorney Mark Worthington will take this episode to introduce you to Annette.

Annette and Mark discuss why she has launched this podcast focusing on special needs, and why she feels it is needed. She also discusses her background and her many years advocating for individuals with special needs and their families.

What are some of the burning questions every special needs family has? Annette will discuss the many topics that she will feature on future podcasts including special needs law, trusts, sibling issues and concerns and the rights of those with disabilities. She will feature parents, siblings, experts in the field of disabilities and many more guests.

If you have a special needs family member, this is the podcast that you’ll want to listen to every week.

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