In this episode, host Annette Hines continues to celebrate Special Needs Awareness Month by taking a deep dive into another critical planning topic for families with special needs: guardianship and legal decision-making. Her term, voice and choice, means ensuring that the decision-making process allows for the voice of the disabled person to be heard and their choices to be honored.  She explores how to support legal decision-making for your disabled person, or if you are a person with a disability, how to plan for legal decision-making and develop a team to support you.  In addition, she discusses recent developments related to guardianship, which she says has come under fire in the United States for many years; the Britney Spears conservatorship case, which remains a large part of the guardianship/conservatorship discussion; what we have learned from the Covid pandemic; and fundamentals of the options related to legal decision-making.

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