Special Needs Trustee Services

Lifetime Security for Your Disabled Child

Establishing a well-funded Special Needs Trust (SNT) for a disabled child in Massachusetts is an important part of providing them with a lifetime of safety, security, and quality of life after you are gone. When you create a Special Needs Trust for a loved one, you will probably name yourself as trustee to manage trust while you are alive, but who will take over the trust when you are no longer around to make sure that things go right? Money, managed well, means options, choices, and a better life.

What Can Special Needs Companies Do to Help?

Administering a Special Needs Trust can be complicated and confusing, and making the wrong decision can be problematic. Trustees must have the necessary expertise to manage the trust, including making proper investments, paying bills, keeping accounts, and preparing tax returns. But the SNT trustee must also have an understanding of how each distribution he or she makes will affect the beneficiary’s public benefits. If you are the trustee of a Special Needs Trust, finding good legal and financial counsel is the key to ensuring the continued health and wellbeing of the individual under your care, and keeping you operating clean and trouble-free.  

Alternatively, Special Needs Companies serves as trustee of a Special Needs Trust. Clients may name us as trustee because they prefer an experienced professional, or when no family member or friend is available (or appropriate) to serve. In some circumstances, a current trustee of an SNT may decide that he or she is not the right choice for the job and seek a professional to take over as trustee.

We are Special Needs Trust administration experts who provide trustees with the reliable advice they need to ensure the best quality of life for the trust’s beneficiary. To request a consultation today, please call us at 855-963-0915, or use our convenient Contact Form now.



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