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Special Needs Companies was established by Annette Hines, an attorney, parent, and advocate for the disabled community, to serve as a complete suite of legal and family services. This includes special needs planning, trust administration, guardianship and conservatorship, and compassionate guidance through the unique complexities and challenges special needs families face.

Our Companies

legal services

Legal Services

Secure the counsel and support of knowledgeable attorneys who focus on special needs planning, trust administration, public benefits consultation and advocacy, and more.

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Family Services

From hands-on First-Party and Third-Party Special Needs Trust administration, connection to community resources, and more, our Special Needs Family Services team is here to help.

Who We Are

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Our founder, Annette Hines, brings personal experience with special needs to her work as the mother of two daughters, one of whom passed away from Mitochondrial disease in November 2013. This deep personal understanding of raising a child with disabilities fuels her passion for quality special needs planning.

Annette knows firsthand just how complex and overwhelming the legal systems and processes are for parents of children with special needs. Amidst the grief of losing her beloved Elizabeth, Annette realized that life was giving her a “second chance” to use her extensive legal expertise to help families who are going through the same challenges she faced.

Annette founded Special Needs Law Group of Massachusetts to provide services such as estate planning, trust administration, legal advocacy, and more to clients of all ages, with a focus on individuals with disabilities and their families. Years later, our team began serving as trustees of special needs trusts and providing care management services, which grew to us launching Special Needs Family Services in 2020.

Special Needs Companies encompasses all of these services and resources for individuals with disabilities, their families, their caretakers, and their advocates.

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Hear From Annette Hines

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“The Special Needs Companies is exactly what I wished for when my family was young: a complete suite of professional services for special needs families. This website is a gateway to those companies, and also portal to other resources for those families. And everything is driven by our mission: ‘Compassionate Advice for All Stages of Life.’”



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