How might climate change affect your world? What is a disaster readiness plan and how do you create one? Host Annette Hines discusses these timely topics with her guest, Alex Ghenis who is the deputy director of Sustain Our Abilities (SOA). His advocacy work within climate change and disaster preparedness highlights the needs and voices of the disability community that comprises 20% of all people in the world. As a wheelchair user, he is aware of how essential modern power, transportation, and healthcare infrastructure are to ensuring the health and safety of people with disabilities. In 2020, Ghenis described the impact of climate change on a person with disabilities in his interview on the World Institute on Disability podcast episode, Climate Change’s Impact on People with Disabilities with Alex Ghenis.

His project, the SOA Day for Tomorrow on October 22 encourages people of all abilities to mobilize within neighborhoods “to create awareness of our need to transition back to a healthy, sustainable, built environment where we are ready to respond to disasters and conquer climate change.”  To find resources and learn more about Day for Tomorrow, visit We would love to hear what you think of our podcast! Leave a comment below.