Grief is a profound and personal experience that reshapes our identity and life as we know it. The passing of a loved one, particularly a child, can feel like an insurmountable mountain of pain and despair. Yet, in this abyss of sorrow, there are lifelines to hold onto, paths to healing, and lessons about the power of kindness and connection.

Host Annette Hines shares in this episode her journey as a grieving mother for her beloved daughter, Elizabeth. She describes the waves of grief that crashed over her and the path to healing she discovered in a local grief group. This group served as a haven, a place where she could share, cry, and heal. It’s an invitation for listeners to join this journey of remembrance, promote National Suicide Prevention Month, and understand the difference simple acts of kindness can make.

Suicide prevention is a critical topic that needs everyone’s involvement. It’s about staying connected, ensuring safety, and assisting those in need. In this episode, Annette shares her personal experiences with suicide, depression, and the transformation that followed Elizabeth’s death. We emphasize the importance of local involvement and recommend resources available at As we journey through this heart-wrenching topic, we hope to inspire listeners to be vigilant about suicide prevention, support those who are struggling, and honor those we’ve lost. Kindness, compassion, and courage are our guiding lights in this endeavor.

Dealing with grief after the death of a child can be overwhelming. It interferes with our memory, thought process, and our ability to function in life. Our identity, so intrinsically linked to our child’s life, comes into question. Healing, though, comes in patches and nuances. It’s a process that often feels like an ocean – crashing over us in waves, then retreating, and coming back again, slowly reshaping our life.

As we navigate the grief journey, it’s crucial to remember that every loss is not the same. The loss of a child to disease is different from other types of loss. Finding a community that understands your specific pain can provide a crucial support system. Grief groups, like the one mentioned in the episode, can provide an empathetic space for sharing, healing, and rebuilding.

In conclusion, this episode is a poignant exploration of grief, healing, and suicide prevention. It underscores the importance of kindness, compassion, and connection in overcoming life’s most profound challenges. It serves as a gentle reminder that every one of us has a role to play in suicide prevention and in supporting those in our community who are struggling with their mental health. Let’s be vigilant, let’s be kind, and let’s remember that every act of kindness can make a world of difference.

Crisis Resources:

  • If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, call or text 988 immediately.
  • If you are uncomfortable talking on the phone, you can chat the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at
  • Learn the warning signs of suicide.