Annette kicks off part two of her interview with Dr. Sharon Saline, a licensed clinical psychologist, a leading expert on ADHD and the author of the very popular book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew.

This time, Annette and Dr. Saline discuss executive functions, how to understand them better and how to maximize these critical life skills for your child with ADHD. Dr. Saline says that for many with ADHD, autism or other learning challenges, executive functions can be challenging to manage.

Dr. Saline talks about some of the 11 executive function all humans should have including working memory, emotional control, attention, planning and organizing as well as time management and meta cognition.

She says that technology has played a role in the challenges we face with executive functions and she says that when we are tired, that’s when our executive functions suffer the most.

Annette and Dr. Saline discuss executive function coaching and the pros and cons of having the parent conduct this with their child. If it does not go well, it may be best to hire a professional and she talks about how to find a good match.

And Dr. Saline discusses the important topic of shame in this episode which can be a major challenge with the neurodiverse population. Shame as she indicates is related to low self esteem and feeling bad about who you are and some of the actions you have taken. She says shame teaches us nothing and is sometimes related to feeling not accepted.

Dr. Saline also takes time to discuss anxiety and how this can foster a depletion of your coping skills.

She ends her episode with Annette and reinforces that positive self-talk is a key component in helping your child with ADHD and that you cannot forget to celebrate the positives.

You can find Dr. Sharon Saline including a link to her book here: