In this episode, Host Annette Hines speaks with Lois Letchford, an educator, writer, and public speaker.  When Lois  was 39 years old and faced with teaching her son Nicholas how to read, she discovered she had dyslexia. She modified and changed classes as a result of reflecting on her reading failure. Lois is qualified as a reading specialist and helps other struggling students by utilizing her unconventional background, extensive international experience, and dedication.

Lois received her teaching certifications from SUNY, NY, and the states of Australia, Texas. She has acquired a special skill set and perspective from her teaching and studying, and frequently works with students who have struggled in other reading programs.

In 2018, Lois published her first book: Reversed: A Memoir. In this story, she details her journey with dyslexia and how she persevered to help overcome her son’s dramatic failure in first grade. She tells of the twists and turns that developed her passion for working with students and her son’s dramatic academic turn a round that culminated in 2018 when his received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Oxford University.

You can find Reversed: A Memoir on amazon.

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